Fire Ants Brisbane

by Luke Taylor on July 18, 2019

Red Imported Fire Ants in Brisbane

Learn more about Fire Ant Identification to reduce the risk as fire ants pose a serious social, economic and environmental threat. Save as many kids, families, pets and friends as you can by learning a whole lot more about how serious they are.

Take the first step by identifying Red Imported Fire Ants (Solenopsis invicta) here…/pests/fire-an…/identifying

Avoid Fire Ants at all costs, Don’t Wait! Contact The Pest Company Brisbane as we place your service request as high priority.

The video below shows an active nest, just minutes after treatment.

If you find yourself waiting for an immediate treatment, just call us as we are approved for the National Red Imported Fire Ant eradication program Ph: 1300 552234.

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